History of the area


The Mission Station


The mission station of Livingstonia dates back to 1894 and was chosen as a site by the great Dr Robert Laws who followed in the footsteps of David Livingstone.  Dr Laws spend 50 Years in Malawi spreading the Christian message and establishing Missions particularly in the north of the country.  The mission station at Livingstonia was chosen as a site because of its height (away from mosquitoes), its fresh water and its terrain. Dr Robert Laws and Uriah Chirwa came across it in 1894 while searching for a site and it’s subsequent development is probably regarded as Laws greatest achievement.  Over the years he attracted over 100 workers from the UK particularly Scotland to come and help build a community for the purpose of education and spreading christianity.  Although he was a medical doctor as well as minister he was also skilled at engineering and it was this skill in particular that enabled him to provide Livingstonia with hydro electricity, fresh water, and a milling facility.  Today a lot of his work is still available for show and a great place to start is the Museum.

Dr Laws also established the present Hospital, the University buildings, the Church and the Technical College.  A lot of the original workers housing still remains as well as No1 House which used to be Dr Laws own house before he moved to the Stonehouse.

Take time to wander round the mission station and visit the old buildings as well as soaking up the atmosphere.  Have a coffee at the craft shop in the middle of the station at the clock tower and chat to the locals who have plenty of stories to tell about the history of Kondowe.



Remains of the original turbines from the Hydro Electric plant dating back to the turn of the 20th century.

Views of the lake from Livingstonia

The Church

The Clock Tower

old mission house

cairn to mark the spot where Dr laws first camped on the plateau in 1894

Inside the church