Visit the surrounding highlands


Livingstonia sits some 4000ft approx above sea level and 2500ft above the lake.  It can be reached from the lakeshore at Chitimba by driving the 12 Km, consisting of 22 hairpin bends to the plateau.  A pretty tough climb best tackled using a 4x4.  The road is the original road surveyed and built at the beginning of the 20th Century.

Once there, using the Stonehouse as a base you can explore the surrounding highlands taking day trips to a variety of scenic or historic sights.  Guides can be provided from the Stonehouse, see Rates page.




Manchewe Falls

You can walk to the falls from the Stonehouse, its about         4 Kilometres. If you are travelling up from the lakeshore then it’s on your way.  There are caves behind the falls but best to take a guide with you if you intend exploring them. It can be quite dangerous.

From the Stonehouse:

Walking or taking your own vehicle with guide.  K500


The Nyika forms one of the highest plateaus in Malawi some 7000 feet above sea level and is a national park hosting limited game.  It is renowned for its rolling grassland and beautiful views into Zambia and across Lake Malawi.  The Stonehouse can only be used as a stopping off point if hiking as it is too far to return in the one day.  It should only be attempted by serious Hikers with proper gear.  As it is a reserve you should make arrangements with the park before travelling.

This is one of the highest mountains nearest to Livingstonia (approx 7000ft from sea level).  Stunning views of the plateau and the lake can bee seen from its summit.  It also boasts beautiful rainforest vegetation on its north side.  It is a good days trek there and back.  On route you can pass the historic Overtoun water system which feed the plateau.

Chombe lies between Livingstonia and the Lakeshore and dominates the view from the Stonehouse.  It is a plateau and can be easily reached by vehicle with a bit of walking towards the end.  Once on top care must be taken as there are sheer cliffs surrounding parts of the North, East and South.  It is however worth the trip.

Sunrise over the lake

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